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Mariner SailsMariner Sails

For Sail repair, Wind Surfing, Catamaran Sailing, or Kayaking, these are the folks to call (972-241-1498).


The Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club was founded in 1956 on the North Shore of Lewisville Lake. The Club and its nine acres are nestled on one of the most beautiful sections of the lake. The view is spectacular. For more information visit.

Chamonix IIChamonix II

LOCATED AT PIER 121 MARINA ON LAKE LEWISVILLE: The Chamonix II is a 2004 70-foot Gold Coast catamaran with 2,380 square feet of party space. U.S. Coast Guard certified for 105 passengers, the Chamonix II offers a safe, spacious environment for guests of all ages to experience the joy of catamaran sailing. For more information visit.

LLSC BurgeeLake Lewisville Sailing Club

The Sailing Club at Pier 121 Marina. For more information visit.


We are proud to announce a partnership with RISE. RISE is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding the opportunities of the physically challenged. As our program develops, we will be exposing both children and adults to the wonderful world of sailing. For more information visit.

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