Sail Trim (Sailing 102.3)

A 4-hour, hands-on workshop

Sunday (11/15), 2015

8:00 am to Noon

Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club

$199 per person (+ taxes & fees)

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ASA 101; Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (or equivalent)

Course Description:

This is one of a series of Intermediate Keelboat Sailing Seminars offered at Magellan Sailing Center, Inc. It assumes proficiency at the Basic Keelboat Sailing & Motoring levels.

The entire seminar is only 4 hours and there is no classroom required.

This is where you will build upon the sail trim foundation you already have. After reviewing Basic Sail Trim, you will explore techniques such as Draft Position, Leach tension, Powering & De-Powering the Main (mainsheet, outhaul, cunningham, boomvang, traveler, & backstay), Powering & De-Powering the Jib (fairlead position and jib sheets).

You will also review confined quarter sailing skills (docking under sail).

Sailing well is an art!
Sailing well is an art!

Topics include:

  • Powering & De-Powering the Main Sail
  • Powering & De-Powering the Jib Sail
  • Outhaul, cunningham,boomvang, & traveler position
  • Jib fairlead position
  • Docking under Sail


Upon successful completion you will receive our Intermediate Sail Trim Seminar certification.

Course Length:

4 hours on-the-water (no classroom, no quiz).

Pricing & Scheduling:

$199 per person, 2 student minimum.

Telephone: 214-215-SAIL (7245)