Overview: Learn To Sail – Basic Sailing Certification

Sailing is FUN!
Sailing is FUN!

Our sailing curriculum is designed to develop competent sailors and is broken down into manageable steps. Start by developing a sound foundation. Then add to your skills by taking our short, targeted Intermediate Sailing Seminars. You can not become a competent sailor overnight (beware of any claims to the contrary).

1) Getting Started…

Earn your ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification in our two-part Learn-to-Sail program.

ASA 101, Part 1 of 2 Learn the Basics of Sailing in our ASA 101, Part 1 course taught over just one weekend. Sailing skills in this course are taught to the ASA 101 standard.

ASA 101, Part 2 of 2 (optional); Earn your ASA 101 Certification by completing our ASA 101, Part 2. This is a single half-day course.

For details on getting started, scheduling, and pricing, click here.

2) Next, GO SAILING!…

Upon successfully completing the two-part course above, you are now qualified to rent/lease our J/24’s and GO SAILING!

3) Then, add to your sailing skills…

After you have been sailing a little and geting comfortable with the basics, it’s time to add to your sailing skills. We offer several Intermediate Sailing Seminars (i.e. Heavy Air Sailing, Sail Trim, Boat Handling, Spinnaker Sailing, etc…).

4) Finally, you may want to purchase your own sailboat…

Sooner or later, you may want to purchase your own sailboat. That may be today, next month, or perhaps next year. Whenever that time comes, we are there to help ensure you get the sailboat that is right for you. Our yacht sales (Sea Lake Yacht Sales) is a Beneteau Dealer offering both new and pre-owned sailboats ranging from 30ft to over 70ft. Additionally we are the largest yacht brokerage in the state of Texas with a large selection of pre-owned sailboats of all makes & sizes.

…Already know how to sail?

If you already know how to sail or already have your ASA 101 Certification, we invite you to rent/lease our J/24’s, sail with us, and develop your sailing skills! Call us at 214-215-SAIL (7245) to discuss your options.