Orientation & Motoring (Sailing 102.1)

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ASA 101; Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (or equivalent)

Course Description:

This is the first in a series of Intermediate Keelboat Sailing Seminars offered at Magellan Sailing Center, Inc. It assumes a proficiency at the Basic Keelboat Sailing level.

The entire seminar is only 4 hours and there is no classroom required.

This skill level is a required prior to renting our J-24’s. Of course, if you already have the skills you can challenge the course.

A detailed knowledge of rigging a sailboat handling the boat under power (outboard motor) should be standard knowledge of a competent skipper.  Adding this to your knowledge base can easily pay for itself in avoiding just one unfortunate docking encounter.

Knowledge & skills include:  Local Knowledge of Lake Lewisville, Rental Rules & Restrictions, Complete Rigging & Un-Rigging of the J-24, and Docking under Power.

"Bear Necessity" in her slip
“Bear Necessity” in her slip

Topics include:

  • Detailed Rigging and Unrigging the Boat
  • Docking Under Power
  • Local Knowledge
  • Safety Equipment
  • General Orientation


Upon successful completion you will receive our Orientation & Motoring Seminar certification.

Course Length:

4 hours on-the-water (no classroom, no quiz).

Pricing & Scheduling:

$199 per person, 2 student minimum.

NOTE:  After completing this Seminar, you are qualified to rent from our fleet of J-24 Sailboats.

Telephone:  214-215-SAIL (7245)