Heavy Air Sailing (Sailing 102.2)

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$199 per person (+ taxes & fees)


ASA 101; Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (or equivalent)

Course Description:

This is one of a series of Intermediate Keelboat Sailing workshops offered at Sail Dallas.  It assumes some level of proficiency at the Basic Keelboat Sailing & Motoring levels.

This entire workshop is onboard (no classroom) and is only 4 hours.

You will learn how and when to Heave-To (a storm survival skill). You will learn how to Reef (and how to tell precisely WHEN you should reef!). We will cover sailing techniques for heavy wind …and the waves that accompany them.

"Bear Necessity" Reefed for Exciting Sailing
“Bear Necessity” Reefed for Exciting Sailing

Topics include:

  • Docking: Sail & Power
  • Heave-To
  • Reefing (Shortening Sail)
  • Heavy Air Sail Trim


Upon successful completion you will receive our Intermediate Heavy Air Sailing Workshop certification.

Course Length:

4 hours on-the-water (no classroom, no quiz).

Pricing & Scheduling:

$199 per person, 2 student minimum.  Taxes/fees additional.