Boat Handling (Sailing 102.4)

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ASA 101; Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification (or equivalent)

Course Description:

This is one of a series of Intermediate Keelboat Sailing Seminars offered at Magellan Sailing Center, Inc. It assumes proficiency at the Basic Keelboat Sailing & Motoring levels.

This entire seminar is only 4 hours and there is no classroom required.

You will begin with a review of docking under power (outboard motors) followed by a short review of sail trim & handling.

Then, you will learn the “Quick-Stop” Overboard Recovery technique. This recovery technique has a higher recovery rate than any other recovery technique. You will also cover “Balancing the Helm”. A competent Skipper knows how to perform these skills (this separates you from beginner sailors).

You will review confined quarter sailing skills (docking under sail).

Boat Handling is Important
Boat Handling is Important

Topics include:

  • Docking under Power
  • Review Sail Trim
  • Quick Stop Overboard Recovery
  • Balancing the Helm


Upon successful completion you will receive our Intermediate Boat Handling Seminar certification.

Course Length:

4 hours on-the-water (no classroom, no quiz).

Pricing & Scheduling:

$199 per person, 2 student minimum.

Telephone: 214-215-SAIL (7245)