J/24 Rental Programs

"Bear Necessity" in her slip
“Bear Necessity” in her slip

We have a fleet of fully equipped J/24 sailboats on Lake Lewisville. They are available for rent exclusively to qualified sailors.

Proof of sailing competency is required:

  • You must demonstrate your ability to sail at the ASA 101 -Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification Standard (by taking our ASA 101 class).    OR…
  • Accomplished sailors may challenging the standards. You must demonstrate the ability to sail to the ASA 101 Standard & complete our “Lake Orientation briefing”.


J/24 Rentals

You have several rental options to sail our J/24 rental boats:  Hourly rentals or our Membership program.

Membership Has it’s Privileges:  3 Month, 6 Month, or 12 Month Membership

If you are planning to sail more than just a few hours, our Membership Program is for you.

Unlimited sailing:  There are only a few limits on your access to sailing our J/24’s for the term of your membership.  You will be subject to our sailing rules. For example, access to the boat may be limited by your capability, wind speed, boat availability, and daylight. You are also be limited to a rolling-total of 20 hours of future reservations.  As you use (or delete) a reservation, you may add additional reservations -up to a sum total of 20 hours.  There is no limit on last-minute sailing -subject to our sailing rules.

Online Reservations:  Reserve your boat directly on the internet (see the RESERVATIONS link at the top of this screen). Once your account has been activated, you’ll get a User Id & Password and you can reserve the boat and go sailing!

Membership Pricing

You have three Membership options (3 month, 6 month, or 12 month). You can sail our J-24 sailboats for a little as about $8 per day!  Additional taxes & fees apply (ie sales tax, Corps of Engineers fees, etc…)

Renewing Memberships & new graduates of our school enjoy a discount from the standard pricing.

  • 3 Month Membership:
    $1799 ($1599 for renewing Membership or our recent graduates)
  • 6 Month Membership:
    $2649 ($2249 for renewing Membership or our recent graduates)
  • 12 Month Membership:
    $3499 ($2999 for renewing Membership or our recent graduates)

NOTE: additional taxes & fees apply (ie sales tax, Corps of Engineers fees, etc…)

Cost of Ownership Comparison (12 month membership)

When compared to Boat Ownership, this rental program is a real bargain. Compare a typical boat purchase:

Cost Detail (2 years) Ownership Membership
Est. Cost of Boat $10,000 $0.00
2 year slip rental $6,000 $0.00
Maintenance $1,500 $0.00
2-yr financial outlay $16,500 $5,998
Est. Sale of boat -$7,000 $0.00
Estimated Total (for 24 months) $10,500 $5,998
A savings of approximately $4,500!

NOTE: This example is for a typical boat and the analysis does not include taxes