Advanced Racing at Sail Dallas

Designed for those who are already a racer, but just can’t seem to break into the top three at the start, or maybe gain on the upwind leg, or perhaps need help on the roundings, or with spinnaker sets/douses, …you know! You need to get to that next level!

Our advanced racing instructors are world champion sailboat racers. They are professionals. They know what they are doing!

We offer two Advanced Racing Courses:

  • Advanced Sail Trim Course
  • Advanced Racing Course

We also offer Racing Clinics and Customized Racing Consulting for you and your crew (your boat or ours). Our racing instructors are world champion racers. Call for more information.

Advanced Sail Trim Course

J/24's Starboard/Port Crossing!
J/24’s Starboard/Port Crossing!

Course Description:

This seminar refines sailing practices for the intermediate sailor that is looking to get maximum performance out of their boat.

Topics include:

  • Crew organization
  • Sail control management
  • Weather and wind shifts
  • Telltale reading
  • Sail selection
  • Heavy air sailing
  • Heaving to
  • Sheet vs. traveler
  • Whisker pole deployment
  • Wing on wing sailing


Candidates for this course should be able to presently day sail a boat with confidence and as a helms person be able to tack, jibe, sail on a designated point of sail and trim the sails appropriately.

This course is also appropriate for those with some racing or crewing experience who do not meet the prerequisites for the Advanced Racing course.

Advanced Racing Course

Advanced Racing!
Advanced Racing!

Course Description:

Tired of watching the same few sailboats in front of you regatta after regatta? What do they have that you don’t? This course is the answer! This in-depth racing syllabus can put you winning the silver next regatta! Course is detailed to fit individual or team needs.


This course is highly customized.

Course admissions & scheduling are done via call to discuss your needs and find the best suitable class format for your needs. Please call for more info!

Topics include:

  • Powering & depowering sails
  • Helming for speed
  • Boat speed & tuning
  • Weather & wind shifts
  • Roll tacking
  • Cross sheeting
  • Windward & leeward spinnaker sets
  • Reach to reach gybes
  • Tack & gybe sets
  • Stalling & accelerating on the line
  • Carving a hole at the start
  • Boat speed off the line
  • Start to upwind transitions
  • Short course racing
  • Boat to boat tactics
  • Mark roundings
  • Racing rules
  • Racing strategy
  • Finishing tactics
  • Crew prep & teamwork
  • Spinnaker handling: Sets, gybes, tacks & drops

Course Length:

4 hours Classroom (no written quiz).

30 hours on-the-water.

Pricing & Scheduling:

  • $999 per single person
  • $899 each for 2 or more
  • $749 for Alumni

Schedule: Call 214-215-SAIL/7245